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Holiday Traditions

This post is written by Diana Noviello, our resident beading queen. She is reminiscing on our ornament-making party, an annual holiday tradition. Since we can’t have one this year, she has created several hand made, beautiful, beaded ornaments that we have in store for purchase.

One of my favorite holiday events at Johnson Jewelers is our ornament-making party, traditionally held the first weekend in December. The store hosts tables full of guests, and we help unleash their creativity, while providing festive food and drink. The tables are filled with chatter and fun.

We have made different ornaments each of the last five years. I prepare individual ornament kits that include instructions and plenty of beads for the project at hand. We provide tools and assistance. Some of our artists like to recreate the sample ornaments, while others combine materials in unexpected ways and make truly unique and personal items.

Throughout the year, I scour the internet for ornament patterns and plans, and once I have an idea in mind, I start shopping for beads and supplies. Through trial and error, I land on THE one design for the year, then I start shopping in earnest. I attend bead and gem shows, and shop for crystals and beads from trusted vendors. I then purchase supplemental supplies from cratft and bead stores, and online bead and wire vendors. I create the kits for class and for sale.

While we cannot gather this year, I look forward to continuing this tradition in 2021 and beyond. We will be planning on private parties for guests who want to bring friends, and considering mid-year creative parties, to make earrings, or…? What would you like to make?

By karensocial | December 4th, 2020 | Holiday | 0 Comments
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