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Jewelry repair, custom design, and more!

Jewelry Repair


We offer jewelry repair. Customer requests vary from simple ring sizing, prong repair, or pearl restringing, to major reconstruction for items damaged in an accident. We have seen it all! Rings can get damaged from daily wear, so we encourage you to visit us if you feel a rough edge or notice a loose stone on your ring. Most routine repairs can be completed within three weeks, depending on the complexity of the job, and the materials needed.

When you bring an item to us, a staff member will review and record the information you provide, as well as note visual details (color and mark of metal, length of the necklace, breakage points, etc.,) on a numbered job form. We will ask for your signature on the form, and give you a copy of the job number tag, before storing the item safely. Our gemologist will review each incoming item, determine the best course of action, and provide cost and scope estimates for complicated items, prior to starting the work. The majority of items require cleaning in order to be repaired, so your finished project will often look like new! We will call you when it is ready, and hold it safely for your return.

Quality repairs take time, and we appreciate your patience.

Appraisal Services


We offer in-house appraisal services, two times per month. The independent appraisal firm, Spirit Gem Appraisals, examines your item in the store, then emails or prints a complete report, usually within a week. An insurance replacement report for a standard item costs $155 for emailed and $160 for printed, and includes photographs. Costs will vary for complex items and different types of appraisal requests. Some unusual services, such as estate appraisals, require a preliminary consultation appointment.

We request that you drop off your items 1-2 days prior to the appraisal, so they can be cleaned and prepared for the appraiser. Your item will be taken in, in the same manner as a jewelry repair, with details recorded on a numbered job form, a numbered job ticket returned to you, and the item stored safely until you retrieve it, usually within a day of the appraisal date, or whenever it is convenient for you. There is no need for you to be present at an appraisal appointment.

Watch Repair


Battery and band replacements are done on-premises. We aim for a 1-2 day turnaround, and sometimes can accommodate same day service if staffing allows. We carry most common batteries, and a large variety of bands, but can order specialty items as well. The average battery replacement is $20-$25, and many bands are available for under $30.

We work with a professional, off-site, watchmaker, who deals with complex repairs. That watchmaker will review the item carefully, and provide estimates, before proceeding with any repair. Some brands require a watch to be sent to their own repair centers. We can help facilitate that process.

In all repair instances, when you leave an item with us, a staff member will take in your item, record the description and your requests on a numbered job envelope, and provide you with a numbered job tag.

If you are looking for a new watch, we carry a large selection of men’s and women’s watches from Citizen, Belair and Bering.

Custom Design


We offer extensive custom design services, for that special ring, the matching of pearls, or the redesign of a worn and outdated piece. We can help you find the perfect setting for the gem from your family heirloom, or can curate diamonds and gems that meet your needs.

You may look at a beautiful necklace in our case, and think: “I would love that, if only it were in 14k white gold, and with sapphires instead of emeralds.” We can make that happen.

In some cases, making your vision come to life will require consultation, design sketching, then engineering a structurally sound, and beautiful, piece of jewelry from that design. We love to turn your dreams into reality! Please contact us for an appointment.

Gemological Consulting


Did you know that there are only 17 Certified Gemologists in Washington state, and 291 in the nation? Our gemologist, Amy Johnson has held this title since 2008. Certified Gemologists must be employed by a member firm of the American Gem Society, be a Graduate Gemologist, pass an initial exam, and then complete the annual recertification exam. The American Gem Society is the preeminent jewelry trade organization dedicated to consumer protection, promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional behavior through education, accreditation, recertification of its membership, gemological standards, and gemological research.

Amy is available by appointment for general questions as well as specific consultations. Please contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the process to get a custom piece made?
Email or call to set up an initial consult. We will schedule an initial consult with you via Zoom or FaceTime to discuss your project and get basic requirements. Then we will follow up with an in person meeting.

Do you do appraisals? What is the process? How much does it cost?
Yes, we team with a professional independent appraiser to come to our store for on-site appointments. What that means for you is that your jewelry stays safely in our vault/store and the appraiser comes to the jewelry to do his inspection.

  • The process: We have you drop off your item(s) a minimum of a day or two prior to the day of the scheduled appraisal so we can clean/prepare the item(s) for inspection.
  • The cost: Appraisals typically start at $155 per item and go up from there based on factors such as number of gems on an individual piece, rarity or uniqueness of size/shape/mineral, purpose of the appraisal.
  • Insurance appraisals are our most requested product.

I need an engagement ring. Where do I start?
Start by visiting our store to browse the stunning rings in our showcase. We have an extensive collection of engagement rings and wedding bands. We will help you find the perfect rings to express your love. We have access to a variety of ring styles and trends from our favorite design houses, such as A.Jaffe, Ever & Ever and Neissing. We suggest you spend some time (and have some fun) browsing Pinterest and magazines for styles that you like. Once you are ready to discuss your requirements, timeline, and budget, we suggest you set up a consultation with our gemologist to get the process started.

I have a piece of jewelry that was handed down to me. I would like it made into something else. Can you do that?
Yes, we can! This is a common request. We will work with you to recreate your piece into something you will love.

The prongs on my ring keep snagging on my clothes. My ring needs to be resized. My watch battery no longer works. Can you fix this?
Yes, yes, and yes! These are some of our most requested repairs. Prong repair and ring resizing can take a couple weeks. Watch battery replacement takes 1-2 days and sometimes if staffing allows, can be done same-day while you wait. We also handle very complex repairs as well.

Call today to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you!

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